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CSS Infinite Slider Flipping Through Polaroid Images

Written by: Temani Afif

In the last article, we made a pretty cool little slider (or “carousel” if that’s what you prefer) that rotates in a circular direction. This time we are going to make one that flips through a stack of Polaroid images.

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Animated Background Stripes That Transition on Hover

Written by: Preethi

How often to do you reach for the CSS background-size property? If you’re like me — and probably lots of other front-end folks — then it’s usually when you background-size: cover an image to fill the space of an entire element. Well, I was presented with an interesting challenge that required more advanced background sizing: […]

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Adding Box Shadows to WordPress Blocks and Elements

Written by: Ganesh Dahal

The CSS box-shadow and outline properties gained theme.json support in WordPress 6.1. Let’s look at a few examples of how it works in real themes, and what options we have to apply these styles to WordPress blocks and elements.

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CSS is OK, I guess.

Written by: Geoff Graham

Nothing but ear-to-ear smiles as I was watching this video from @quayjn on YouTube. (No actual name in the byline, though I think it’s Brian Katz if my paper trail is correct). The best is this Pen you can use to sing along… The little song Una did for memorizing for JavaScript’s map(), filter(), and […]

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Does WWW still belong in URLs?

Written by: Pieter De Decker

For years, a small pedantry war has been raging in our address bars. In one corner are brands like Google, Instagram, and Facebook. This group has chosen to redirect example.com to www.example.com. In the opposite corner: GitHub, DuckDuckGo, and Discord. This group has chosen to do the reverse and redirect www.example.com to example.com. Does “WWW” belong in a URL? Some developers […]

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CSS Infinite and Circular Rotating Image Slider

Written by: Temani Afif

Image sliders (also called carousels) are everywhere. There are a lot of CSS tricks to create the common slider where the images slide from left to right (or the opposite). It’s the same deal with the many JavaScript libraries out there that create fancy sliders with complex animations. We are not going to do any […]

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Digging Deeper Into Container Style Queries

Written by: Geoff Graham

I wrote up some early thoughts on container style queries a little while back. It’s still early days. They’re already defined in the CSS Containment Module Level 1 specification (currently in Editor’s Draft status) but there’s still a couple of outstanding discussions taking place. The basic idea is that we can define a container and […]

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Using The New Constrained Layout In WordPress Block Themes

Written by: Ganesh Dahal

One of the main goals of the WordPress Site Editor (and, yes, that is now the “official” name) is to move basic block styling from CSS to structured JSON. JSON files are machine-readable, which makes it consumable by the JavaScript-based Site Editor for configuring a theme’s global styles directly in WordPress. It’s not all the […]

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More Than “Slapping Paint on a Website”

Written by: Geoff Graham

I’m a sucker for anything about front-end job titles. Anselm Hannemann: CSS evolved and we’re beyond the point where everyone can just do it as a side interest. We all can learn it and build amazing stuff with it, but using it wisely and correctly in a large-scale context isn’t an easy job anymore. It […]

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Newer Things to Know About Good Ol’ HTML Lists

Written by: Daniel Schwarz

HTML lists are boring. They don’t do much, so we don’t really think about them despite how widely used they are. And we’re still able to do the same things we’ve always done to customize them, like removing markers, reversing order, and making custom counters. There are, however, a few “newer” things — including dangers […]

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Apple Messages & Color Contrast

Written by: Geoff Graham

Well, color me this! I was griping to myself last night about just how gosh dang hard it is to read text messages in Apple Messages. You know, not the blue bubbles that you get when messaging other iPhone users. Those are iMessages. What I’m talking about are the green bubbles you get when messaging […]

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WordPress Developer Blog

Written by: Geoff Graham

Well, hey check this out. Looks like there is a brand spankin’ new blog over at WordPress.org all about WordPress development. In the original proposal for the blog, Birgit Pauli-Haak writes:

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