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First Look At The CSS object-view-box Property

Written by: Geoff Graham

Ahmad Shadeed — doing what he always does so well — provides an early look at the object-view-box property, something he describes as a native way to crop an image in the browser with CSS. The use case? Well, Ahmad wastes no time showing how to use the property to accomplish what used to require […]

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Dialog Components: Go Native HTML or Roll Your Own?

Written by: Rob Levin

As the author of a library called AgnosticUI, I’m always on the lookout for new components. And recently, I decided to dig in and start work on a new dialog (aka modal) component. That’s something many devs like to have in their toolset and my goal was to make the best one possible, with an […]

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Written by: Geoff Graham

Zeldman: You may not know his name, but he played a huge part in creating the web you take for granted today. And he’s back—kind of. That would be Glenn Davis and the Verevolf site Zeldman’s talking about. The site is a growing archive of Davis’s personal (and unvarnished) recollections pioneering the early web, like […]

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Inline Image Previews with Sharp, BlurHash, and Lambda Functions

Written by: Adam Rackis

Don’t you hate it when you load a website or web app, some content displays and then some images load — causing content to shift around? That’s called content reflow and can lead to an incredibly annoying user experience for visitors. I’ve previously written about solving this with React’s Suspense, which prevents the UI from loading until the images come […]

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An Interactive Starry Backdrop for Content

Written by: Jhey Tompkins

I was fortunate last year to get approached by Shawn Wang (swyx) about doing some work for Temporal. The idea was to cast my creative eye over what was on the site and come up with some ideas that would give the site a little “something” extra. This was quite a neat challenge as I […]

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Improving Icons for UI Elements with Typographic Alignment and Scale

Written by: Marcel Moreau

Utilizing icons in user interface elements is helpful. In addition to element labeling, icons can help reinforce a user element’s intention to users. But I have to say, I notice a bit of icon misalignment while browsing the web. Even if the icon’s alignment is correct, icons often do not respond well when typographic styles […]

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How to Create Style Variations in WordPress 6.0 Block Themes

Written by: Ganesh Dahal

Global styles, a feature of the block themes, is one of my favorite parts of creating block themes. The concept of global style variations in WordPress were introduced in Gutenberg 12.5 which would allow theme authors to create alternate variations of a block theme with different combinations of colors, fonts, typography, spacing, etc. Different theme.json […]

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Cool Hover Effects That Use CSS Text Shadow

Written by: Temani Afif

In my last article we saw how CSS background properties allow us to create cool hover effects. This time, we will focus on the CSS text-shadow property to explore even more interesting hovers. You are probably wondering how adding shadow to text can possibly give us a cool effect, but here’s the catch: we’re not […]

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A CSS Slinky in 3D? Challenge Accepted!

Written by: Jhey Tompkins

Braydon Coyer recently launched a monthly CSS art challenge. He actually had reached out to me about donating a copy of my book Move Things with CSS to use as a prize for the winner of the challenge — which I was more than happy to do! The first month’s challenge? Spring. And when thinking […]

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COLRv1 and CSS font-palette: Web Typography Gets Colorful

Written by: Ollie Williams

According to Toshi Omagari, the author of Arcade Game Typography, the world’s first multi-colored digital font was created in 1982 for a never-released video game called Insector. Multi-colored fonts, sometimes called chromatic type, are still relatively rare on the web, even though the COLR font format has had full cross-browser support since 2018 (even in […]

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Let’s Create a Tiny Programming Language

Written by: Md Shuvo

By now, you are probably familiar with one or more programming languages. But have you ever wondered how you could create your own programming language? And by that, I mean: A programming language is any set of rules that convert strings to various kinds of machine code output. In short, a programming language is just […]

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Useful Tools for Creating AVIF Images

Written by: Sunkanmi Fafowora

AVIF (AV1 Image File Format) is a modern image file format specification for storing images that offer a much more significant file reduction when compared to other formats like JPG, JPEG, PNG, and WebP. Version 1.0.0 of the AVIF specification was finalized in February 2019 and released by Alliance for Open Media to the public. […]

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